Welcome to Irishnative Genealogy. Let us help you to bring your past to life, fill in the gaps of your ancestors lives and break down those walls of history.

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Genealogical Services

Irishnative is a family run professional service involving thorough research carried out in an efficient manner. I will personally be visiting the record and resource repositories in Dublin city as leads uncovered require while local collections such as libraries are additionally consulted.


Here at Irishnative Genealogy we take great pride and satisfaction in our work and you can be sure that we will carry out extensive research tailored to your specific needs which we know will exceed all expectations.


Once a project is completed you will receive a report detailing all discoveries along with relevant documents, printed pedigrees and a list of resources consulted. An ideal gift for yourself or a loved one.

Bespoke Charts

If you have already completed your research and wish to show it professionally try our Bespoke Charts which are individually designed, printed and mounted as a unique heirloom to display in your home.


Full Cemetery Maps List

About Rory

I am a certified genealogist specialising in family research in Roscommon and adjoining counties, but with experience spreading the breadth of the country. Having been bitten by the bug that is genealogy over a decade ago I became heavily involved in the trade and take great joy in assisting people to find their lost ancestors.

I provide a professional service with thorough research carried out in an efficiently manner. I will personally be visiting the record and resource repositories as cases require and I will provide regular updates to all of my clients as a courtesy.

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