Research Services

I can carry out extensive research into all aspects of family history in Ireland generally from modern days back to the early years of the 19th century, but also can include legal records (including deeds, wills and testamentary records) going as far back as the 18th century in some cases.

In most cases it is possible to explore family history back to the mid to early 19th century but owing to the varied quality of records this may vary

What you, as the client, require may be varied and require specific work in specific areas but generally  I offer a variety of packages that cater for most needs. If you require assistance in selecting a package please contact me and I will let you know what the best option would be for you.

All packages come with report of findings and family tree. Reports involve a tracing of one line in the family, typically back to the mid 19th century but may be further.

Packages on Offer


Standard Genealogical Report

For this I will be examining:

  • Surname Analysis.
  • Civil records (birth, marriage and death records from 1864)
  • Church parish registers, generally going a further generation back from the civil records.
  • Census records.
  • Petty Session Records.
  • Report.
  • Family Tree.


Standard Genealogical Report Extra

As above and additionally

  • Griffiths.
  • Revision books.
  • Tithes Applotments.
  • Sundry Census Substitutes eg. Elphin Census 1749.


Deluxe Genealogical Report

As above and additionally

  • Graveyard records.
  • Wills Deeds and testamentary records.
  • Emigration records including records in their adopted country.


Occasion Package

A Standard package with uniquely designed family tree charting up to four generations of ancestors all displayed on an image of the old ancestral home. This drop pedigree is printed on A3 canvas with wooden frame and would be an ideal display for wedding reception or family birthday celebrations.


Ancestor Biography

Involves research into a specific individual and would usually only be possible for those who have left a trail of records behind them. Such individuals will for example have left deeds, wills or evidence of their legal wranglings. Also cases dealing with persons of national importance that may have been covered by newspapers or even infamous individuals whose court cases shocked the country will undoubtedly left a mark and as such will be well documented. Research is conducted on a case by case bases and priced agreed prior to initiating research.


Record Retrieval

I offer a service for those who are unable to obtain material themselves, whether living abroad or otherwise. Usually this material includes civil certificates  (birth, marriage, death), church registrations, cancelled land records, wills, deeds and ordinance survey sheets. Note that some documents require extra payment to facilitate this service at source base and client will be notified of such.


Miscellaneous Records

In addition to the usual research described above I can also undertake packages to include any of the following. Please contact me for quote.

  • Estate Records
  • Newspapers
  • Directories
  • Occupational Records
  • Prison Records
  • Ancient Gaelic Texts
  • Adopted countries Records – American and UK

All Genealogical Reports will be sent electronically to clients email account in pdf format, but if desired a hardback copy of this may also be purchased for additional cost at this time.

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