Graveyard with interments including mausoleum of O’Conor Don dating to 1634 and a collection of stone grave markers including eighteenth- and nineteenth-centuries examples. No longer in use. Group of eighteenth-century family mausolea to site. Located on site of former church, now gone. Site bounded by random coursed stone wall with cut stone gate piers and wrought-iron gate. Modern graveyard to east. Holy well to site.
This graveyard has fine examples of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century grave markers, some of which are elaborately carved. The pre-eighteenth-century elements, including grave markers, add archaeological interest to the site, while the association with the O’Conor Don is notable for historic reasons. The presence of a holy well, referred to as Tober Brida, highlights its importance as a centre for religious activity and ritual. The significance of the ancient site is reflected in the name of the townland, Ballintober.

Images of new part of Graveyard currently available. Old part coming at a future date after considerable headstone deciphering.

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