St Joseph’s Castlerea


Roman Catholic graveyard with ruin of former church, established 1798 and extended to the west at a later date. Belfry of church is extant. Collection of stone grave markers from nineteenth century to present, including mausoleum and enclosed section dedicated to the O’Connor Dons. Ashlar gate piers with cast-iron gates to original graveyard. Site bounded by stone wall with channeled ashlar gate piers and cast-iron gates.
This Roman Catholic graveyard contains many fine examples of ornate nineteenth- and twentieth-century grave markers, including several Celtic Revival style high crosses. The carved decorative detailing of these grave markers adds both artistic and technical interest to the site. The remains of the former St Joseph’s Catholic Church, which celebrated its last mass in 1898, is of architectural significance and further enhances the setting of the graveyard. The distinctive mausoleum of Peter Kelly and the remains of the renowned O’Conor Dons, descendants of the last High Kings of Ireland, add a historical dimension to the graveyard.

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